The Diagnosis…

November 14, 2016; a Monday morning, I was sitting in the courtroom for a hearing on one of my cases. I felt my phone ring, looked at it and realized the gynecologist’s office was calling me. Knowing that today would be the day I would get my results back, I thought they were calling just to say that everything came back negative and that there was no need to come in. Instead, they called to let me know that they did not receive the results yet and that they were expecting to receive them in the afternoon. They advised me to bring someone with me to my appointment. I was suspicious and despite that, I let them know that I would be coming alone, mainly because I did not have the time to call anyone to go with me.

I thought, “there’s nothing wrong with me,” but I also thought, “why would they call to advise that I bring someone? They’re lying about having those results.” A part of me knew something was not right, but the other part kept saying “It’s nothing.”

I left for my lunch break and used that time to go the doctor’s office for my appointment. I checked in, went into the examination room, changed and waited for the doctor to come in. Shortly, there was a knock. In came that doctor followed by a nurse. He paused for a few seconds and said “Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you have cancer, but the good news is that we can get rid of it easily.”

No matter how easy it would be to get rid of that thing, that was not what I wanted to hear and I looked at him with eyes burning in tears and said “But I’m only 22!” He looked back at me and explained that he did not understand why this was happening to me. No family history, no recent procedures that could have caused this, nothing!


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