The Lump…

Back in October 2016, I was sitting on my couch watching a show, one that I cannot remember at this moment. I felt a weird sensation in my left breast.  I decided to feel around that breast in order to be sure that my mind was playing tricks on me. You’re talking about a 22-year-old, at the time, who barely experienced breast tenderness. I thought, “well, I mean, there is a first time for everything.” In the years of having a menstrual cycle, the only symptom I had were headaches and they came as warning signs the day before my period would start. After a few more times of the same feeling, I discovered a small distinctive lump that did not go away for some days. I made my husband feel the lump and with every exaggerating bone in his body, jumped at the feeling of it. I decided to call the doctor and set up my annual appointment, which I  was due for anyway.

During the annual appointment, I pointed the lump out to the Nurse Practitioner. She’d explain that at my age, there’s bound to be lumps in and throughout my breast. Though feeling how this lump was different from the rest, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. The ultrasound happened, then there was a need for a mammogram. I became really suspicious. Giving a 22-year-old a mammogram? I knew this was not for nothing. Right after the mammogram, I had a consultation with the doctor about what was seen.

The day of the mammogram, he said that I possibly had Fibroademona; that it was common in women 40 and younger, inherited, and okay to live with. He paused for a while, then proceeded to say, “You have two options: one, you can get this lump removed, or two, you can get a biopsy. If you were my daughter, I’d advise you to get the biopsy.”

I took his indirect advice and had the biopsy on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 and had to wait till Monday to get my results back. I was sure that it was just Fibroadenoma and nothing else. I thought I was sure….. Anything to get me through the weekend.


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